Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Apartment

Okay, so that was my idea of a blogging "cliffhanger"...It's lame I know, but I'm sure I will bore you in a million different ways so if there is one cheap way to keep you interested, you better believe I'm going to take it. Continuing on...My apartment was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was so nice. The second they opened the door I could see new floors, a huge common space, a nice living room, a small bedroom, a kitchen bigger then I've ever had in an apartment, and pretty good furnishings too. I really couldn't believe it. And like all that wasn't enough, then they showed me to my bedroom. I HAVE A KING SIZE BED! Does it get any better then that? My Korean students in New York told me I would most likely end up sleeping on the floor because I'd be too big for most Korean beds. Well they prepared me for the worst, but in reality I'll be sleeping like a king. And believe it or not (well believe it because it's the truth)it goes on. I have a patio too. I can step out of my bedroom and into a small patio. It gets sun light, it has a washing machine on it, and there is a water slide that leads out of it down to the alley and into a huge community pool. Did I loose you with the slide and pool? Okay, so that isn't true, but everything else is really nice. Since everyone I talked to said my place was small, I can't even imagine what they think a big apartment looks like. Just on size, the apartment is at least 3 times larger then I was expecting. Just on cleanliness, the apartment is 5 times cleaner then I was expecting. Over all I give it "3 and a quarter stars". There are however some drawbacks to the apartment. One, it's pretty damn big, and I left all my stuff in America, so for the moment there is just a lot of empty space. I'm not sure if I want to buy stuff to fill it, but some teachers have offered to give me some second hand items, so we'll see how that goes. I bought 1 cup, 1 bowl, 1 plate, 1 knife and chop sticks the 2nd night I was in Korea and that has been my dining set for almost 2 weeks. It's pretty nice stuff really, but it's a pain to do the dishes after every meal. Please do not take your dishwashers for granted. They truly are gifts from above. Now onto the only real drawback, because being too big is hardly a problem. After the first night there I noticed a smell. One of those smells that kind of teases you. You think you smell it in the corner, then when you get to the corner it's gone. Only to smell it again when you least expect it. So I played my college roommates favorite game (besides Nintendo Olympics with the power pad) for a few days, it's called "Find the Smell". I couldn't quite pin it down until my brain started working, but once that happened it seemed so obvious what it was...(schools over I'm out :)


enid said...

I hate you Paul, can't you understand that reading other peoples blogs is my only entertainment at my job!! No more cliffhangers!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Sweet Paul, the Korean gods like you. I wanna visit. Very nice.

Mine is no shoebox, but it is a box. My bed's in the livingroom.

PS- thanks for adding me! Did i add your link to my site? if not i will.
... looks like you're having fun.

todd colombo said...

your place in korea is way better than the dump you were living in back in the states!