Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Day After...

Okay so after getting the internet hooked up, and everything was working fine, I was told that I wasn't getting the fastest speed internet that I should be getting. I was nervous to change, nothing had gone wrong so far, why fix what isn't broken right? RIGHT!!! I should have not let them touch a thing. Another guy came to my house on Friday and installed a new internet system. It worked really fast friday night. I downloaded "V for Vendetta", and "Borat", both movies I really wanted to see, and they finished downloading within a few hours. It seemed great. That was until the next morning. After me and my computer both woke up on Saturday morning it seems the internet was lost. No surfing the web, no downloading movies, no uploading pictures to this Blog site, nothing. So I'm back in the stone-age again. No internet or cell phone again. It kind of sucks not to be able to talk to people and get this stuff taken care of. I need to talk to a fellow teacher, who speaks English, then ask them to go out of there way to help me. I don't like it. They are very nice about it though, but I just don't enjoy asking them to help me out. Thats probably why I still don't have these important items, but I need to get them soon. On another note, I went out in downtown Seoul this Friday night and it is a really good scene. Lots of young people, lots of foriegners, and lots of things to do. I will fill you in more later.
P.S. - trying to make a blog without the internet at home is annoying...I'm sorry

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