Saturday, January 19, 2013

Photo Extravaganza!!!

Long time no see.  It appears as though my time here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has been much busier than I had originally expected.  Well, to be "entirely" true, I was hoping my life here would be fun, exciting, educational, and enriching but I was entirely prepared for it to be boring, constricting and empty (which is the common expat response I got to what it's like living in KSA).  After just 4 months I can say that my experience here has been almost as good as my wildest dreams.  No, I haven't befriended a prince that will lavish me in extravagant riches for a few hours of my English teaching, not yet, but in every other way possible my time in Jeddah has surpassed my expectations.  Life has been great.  I regret that I haven't been able to blog that much, but I want to try and make up for it with a cornucopia of picture slideshows!  With Facebook, Skype, emailing, and texting, Blogger has taken a backseat, but I hope to keep posting on here.  As long as I can find some free time in between all this fun stuff!  Enjoy for months worth of photos from my time in KSA:

Ok, please take a closer if you choose.  I have been writing captions for everyone :-) 

Christmas, New Years, and Dubai pictures will be up as soon as I can write those captions, and I have a Yanbu snorkeling/scuba diving weekend video that I'm working on.  I hope you all enjoy!