Friday, May 31, 2013

Dubai for the 2nd Time

Dubai was a destination for one of my weekend trips a few months ago, but I was able to take an extended weekend trip with Eiman just a week ago.

I felt that this video gave a pretty good look into the Dubai lifestyle.

And here is a video of one of the most memorable experiences while I was there in Dubai.  Much like the Bellagio fountain show shocked and amazed me when I saw it shortly after returning home from Korea, the Burj Khalifa fountain show gave me chills that were entirely reminiscent.  Large fountain shows set to music just seem to give me chills.

Lastly, take a look at my personal photo album that I shot while I was there.  It was a really wonderful 5 days and 4 nights!

What's The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Like? Take a look...

While I've been in KSA for almost 9 months now, I haven't written too much about it when it comes to factual information.  That's partially because I don't want to say something that would stupidly and mistakenly get myself, or even worse someone else, into trouble.  So I've basically just stuck with captioning my own photos.  I've tried to only take pictures when Westerners are present.  However, there is a completely different culture here that is very interesting to learn about.  If you want to learn more, here is a great little piece done by someone who knows the country well.  Why can he tell you facts while I can't?  Well, breaking the news here has already gotten him hurt and worse - someone else...