Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One GIANT Loss (18-1)

The Giants shock the world (or at least the USA): Yes, my parents traveled half way across the world to come see me, and then took me to China for a week, and there is plenty to talk about there, but the real news of the day is the New York Football Giants becoming the world champs. While this should be a happy day I am struck by the irony that surrounds this infamous day. I've always been a Giants fan, always stuck by them, cheered my heart out for them. I was there when Eli won his first game. I was there when we weren't any good. I was there when they got destroyed in the first round of the playoffs by the Panthers. My friends and I have an annual Giants tailgate party on the last home game of the year that was started spontaneously on MY 21st birthday. I am Big-Blue through and through. So I leave the country for one year and they go and win the championship. And as if that wasn't enough, out of all the days, and all the times I had to fly out of China, my flight was during the Super Bowl. So I couldn't even watch the game live. I watched the Giants amazing, unbelievable upset of Super Bowl XLII alone in my apartment. There were no cheering fans, no crazy friends, no hot dogs, pretzels or beer. It was just me and my computer but the game in High Def was still so sweet.
Dear Giants:
-I wish I could have been there but I'm glad you did it anyway.
-I'm sorry Eli and Coach Coughlin, I was wrong about you both. You found a way to do it, I still don't know how you did, and I'm not so sure you know how you did it, but I'm glad you did it.
-Eli is the most impressively unimpressive player in NFL history.
-Tiki...I told you that you would regret it. It makes me feel bad that I was right but you should have known, the fans knew.
-The Giants Defense is so much fun to watch. I can watch them coming off the line all day.

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