Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This Blogger Thing is the Truthiness

How does that sucker look? I think it's pretty sleek. It reminds me of my iTunes player and my little iPod shuffle (yes I am an Apple user, deal with it). I've added the two songs my students performed in last weeks "English Speech Competition" (the topic of my next post), a Korean remake that I've grown fond of, and then some classics. Go ahead, give a listen.
Listening to music is something I love to do, but I have always hated websites that support music players. One moment I'm clicking around in peace and quiet, checking out Chuck Norris facts, and the next, someones MySpace account starts blaring Britney Spears. I try to compose myself as the stares of others start to cut into my skin, but the human body doesn't know how to deal with encountering the ultimate in masculinity, Chuck Norris, and then being surprise round-house-kicked by Britney Spears. That type of thing shouldn't be possible, it should only live in theory; like the scenario "what would happen if Chuck Norris round-house-kicked himself?" Undoubtedly the universe would collapse on itself, but I don't have to experience it to know that it would be bad for us all. Yet someone allows this pop up music to continue to go on websites.

So after all that, yes, I'm considering adding a music player to my site. The forward thinking people at MyFlashFetish.com have taken care of those pesky annoyances. It's not brain surgery but just the ability to be able to "click the play button" to hear music is something we've been comfortable with since cassette tapes and boom box's of our youth. Well, they've brought it back like my friends have brought back the "credit card", with a vengeance.
I can also set the volume of the player so it doesn't knock you off your chair when you click play. But then again, with all those Chuck Norris kicks going around, maybe I should set it so you hit the deck from time to time.

What do you think? Should the music player be a permanant fixture on this site? Is it too loud or too soft, good, or no good at all? VOTE! Leave me a message.

Here's another little treat to for those who enjoyed the Steven Colbert reference in the title, and even if you didn't it's still kinda funny, and relevant to this blog.

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dr humps said...

Music or no music.....just keep the pics of that sexy cap'n karl comin!!!!

hahahahahahah i like it man.