Tuesday, March 13, 2007

T-Minus one week for departure

Today is 7 days till I leave the country. 7 days until I travel to the other side of the planet. 7 days until I leave everything and anyone I've ever known, for a place I've only read about. A place where I don't speak the language, eat the food, or know the customs. It's all a bit nerve-racking really, when I stand back and look at it. Yet somehow it seems like the right thing to do. I don't know why but I have an inner urge to see the world, travel, and meet people. In the relatively short time I've been unemployed (but tutoring) I've met so many great new friends. Some are extraordinary students who have come to America to follow their dreams, others are trying to learn English so they can fully experience the lives of their children, and even some have just been super friendly travelers who send me long emails filled with all of their travel experiences and knowledge. It has been a year in New York City, the best city in the world, a place where as a child I had a picture of the skyline hanging in my room, one year of having that picture outside my front door, and I'm off. Off for new experiences in Seoul. Everything about my time in the NYC area has been a learning experience, and most of it has been great, but I feel like I've gotten to the point where I know what's coming next. I know my "routine" and I'm set in my path, and I didn't like that. Our paths are not set. Where is mine leading now? I don't know. From Roxbury, to Penn State, to New York, and now onto Seoul...then maybe the world? We'll see, but at the moment I'm just beginning my journey, like many other great journey's, Seoul Searching.

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